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Title : firecracker





Other:Spray on canvas.


HYKRX(ヒャクラク): 90年、バンドフライヤーの制作から始まったアーティスト活動は、日に日に輝きを増し、日本を代表するステンシルアーティストへと成長した。メディアへの露出は少ないが、ミュージシャンやクリエイターから強い支持を得ている。数少ない「伝わる」作品を描き続けるアーティスト。


Title : firecracker

Life is about lighting one's own fire, taking off, charting one's own course, blossoming, and then dispersing.

Year : 2022


Other:Spray on canvas.

※This is a work of art that is created by hand, piece by piece, by the artist. The unevenness, shading, unevenness, rubbing, and flow of the paint or spray ink is a part of the work's expression, so please understand this before purchasing.

HYKRX : His artistic career, which started in 1990 with the creation of band flyers, has grown brighter day by day, and he has become one of Japan's leading stencil artists. Although he does not get much exposure in the media, he has gained strong support from musicians and creators. He is one of the few artists who continues to draw works that can be conveyed.

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